Manufacturing EQ for Touch Panel Industry
Open Short Tester for Touch Panel
Mirle open-short tester measures the resistances at various locations and point out abnormal locations immediately so the production yield is improved.

OCR Coater/Laminating Machine for Touch Panel
The functions of OCR coater/bonder are cleaning panel surfaces, blister elimination, precise bonding, coating glue, AOI and solidification. The purpose is to enhance process yield, by using reworkable liquid UV adhesive to bond materials. It can be applied to bond cover glass with touch sensor and touch sensor with LCM module in medium and large size touch panel industry.

OCA Bonder for Touch Panel
The functions of OCA bonder are cleaning panel surfaces, precise bonding and AOI. It can be applied to bond cover glass with touch sensor, and touch sensor with LCM module in small to mid size touch panel industry.

Clean Room Stockers for Touch Panel
Mirle clean room stocker system integrates material handing system and information system. It can handle FPD panels of all sizes. The FPD panels are contained in cassettes for stable and ultra-clean storage and transportation. It provides FPD industry a stable, clean and low-cost solution.

Sputter LD/ULD For Touch Panel
Conveyor which levitates load with air to avoid scratches, roller mark and contamination. In addition, it reaches precise alignment by using six-axis robots and advanced vision systems. Compared with traditional roller type conveyor, air levitated conveyor can achieve higher transportation speed due to less friction.

Clean Room AMHS for Touch Panel
With special consideration to touch panelís processing requirement on panelís both sides and its thinness and lightweight, various systems are developed based on the material transportation technology for CF glass. The transportation systems include straight, circular, and accumulative types of conveyors, turn stations, lifters, and LD/ULD equipment. By integrating robots and the transportation systems, our customers can build a material transportation system which moves material between different processes.